John Logie Baird

The first ever television broadcast was made from a little cafe in Falkirk

John Logie Baird and John Hart demonstrated a prototype of the television camera and transmitter to an audience in the Temperance Cafe. Included in this audience was Mr. Robert Shaw who indeed became the first publicly televised face that appeared on that flickering screen..

A moment of such importance that changed the world forever. Developments such as RADAR, Fibre Optics and Fax machines can all be credited to John Logie Baird.

Until 1976 the original equipment, used by Baird and Hart in their demonstration to the Royal Society in 1926, remained on display at Falkirk Museum. The equipment had also been displayed in Mr. Harts electrical shop for some time in the early 1920s.

{mosimage}Unfortunately, but probably wisely, the equipment was given to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh as it was felt that the Falkirk Museum was inadequate and too insecure for such valuable artifacts.

This equipment and other materials give an intriguing insight into the development of the first successful television broadcast and are an invaluable piece of Falkirks past heritage.

There are now plans afoot to try and bring these pieces of our past back to Falkirk.

To accomplish this would require a suitable environment for the storage, display and safe keeping of John Logie Bairds legacy to the town.

This piece of local history has been hidden in obscurity for many years and we have allowed it to remain so for far too long. There is an immense amount of material and artifacts available to furnish a sizable museum dedicated to this phenomenal invention.

{mosimage}An invention which, amongst many others that John Logie Baird is credited with, has changed the entire world.

It is our hope that our readers will bring this issue to the attention of our local MPs and MSPs and to all our local councillors and officials. We would also encourage you to write to your local MP etc and to the Falkirk Herald and to try and attract massive publicity for this worthy idea.